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Details for BB-Co-Rec (Tuesdays)

Transaction Date/Time after 02/11/19 @ 8:00am.Household Feecode of NR,RES.
Transaction Date/Time on or after 04/22/19 @ 5:30am.
Transaction Date/Time after 03/22/19 @11:45pm.

CHS Gym Charlottesville High School1400 Melbourne RoadCharlottesville, VA, 22901

Chris Carr

25.00% $450.00 $450.00

Assemble your squad. The Charlottesville Basketball League tips off at the end of March Madness! Each team will compete in an eight-game season. Teams can register in our Competitive or Recreational League and will receive 10 team tee shirts with registration. Games on Sundays/Wednesdays are played at the Key Recreation Center. Games on Tuesdays/Thursdays are played at Charlottesville High School.


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