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Details for Essential Oils

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Classroom/Lounge Carver Recreation Center233 4th Street, NWCharlottesville, VA, 22903(434)970-3053

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1st Month: ESSENTIAL OILS: THE BASICS: Participants are introduced to the many cosmetic and holistic uses of essential oils. Students will learn the history of essential oils, different grades, how to use and what types of oils are available. Participants will be able to make their own essential oil blend using what they have learned in the class. Each student will also receive a popular essential oil from DoTerra for attending.

2nd Month: ESSENTIAL OILS: EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Join us for a class filled with hands-on science and a discussion on how your emotions are held in one of three places-the mind, heart and gut. Participants will learn how to use essential oils to heal, and to target particular emotions during the class. All participants will have an opportunity to make their own essential oil “well-being” blend using the information learned in the class.

3rd Month: ESSENTIAL OILS: WOMEN'S HEALTH: Take an in-depth look at the unique way a woman’s body is wired and how an essential oil routine can help women achieve optimal health. Topics covered include hormonal balance, good, quality sleep, emotional stability and daily cellular health. Taught by an experienced professional, this highly-informative and interactive class will leave participants feeling great and ready to put their knowledge to use. Each participant will also create their very own essential oil blend and a blend of a top-selling essential oil to take home.
Instructor: TBD


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